My lockdown worries

What is your biggest fear about this lockdown? I will tell you what mine is. Please hear me out. I am concerned that at the end of the lockdown, I would not have done anything I consider substantial. The thing is, we all have big aspirations and massive goals. I find that these can be a driving force or sometimes become a hindrance, a burden or even a yoke!

The thing is, your goals are a driving force when you are inspired and motivated to take deliberate actions towards achieving them. It is when there are no deliberate actions that your goals become a yoke.

In this lockdown, be deliberate and guard your time tightly. I remember at a point at the start of the lockdown, I could not tell the difference between one day and the next. The 24-hour period just kept on rolling on. I was moving across several training sessions, discussions, webinars, strategy sessions endlessly (well so it seemed at the time). Now that things have settled, it is a good time to create something substantial. It is time to work on that book, that curriculum, that story, that new skill or that online course. Take deliberate daily actions. No matter how small the action seems. Don’t let up and you will be amazed what you end achieving.

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