How are you coping?

How is the online schooling going? Have you started? Is it easier or tougher? What are your challenges with it?

I will tell you mine: I will rather be in class in front of those little people!

Teaching online takes so much out me. For the past few days, I have been feeling so unwell in the morning due to many late nights just trying to ensure that the content is up and running before the munchkins wake up to see their lessons. So if you are feeling rough or not just feeling this whole online teaching, cheer up.

You are not alone at all. There is also the feeling of ‘overwhelm’. I run away from Instagram and Facebook now because the amount of livestreams and webinars and more webinars and more online conferences, honestly my brain is struggling to cope.

Please give yourself a break. When I saw what was going on, I decided to simplify my process. Keep things simple so at the end of this, you are not caught pulling at nothing but bare strings.

What do I mean? For example, keep your teaching content simple and straight to the point. Go for quality over quantity. If you are shooting a video lesson, keep it at 10 mins max. Find a system that works in a simple way. There are so many tech platforms, please stick to one. If you have to, then a max of two.

Someone posted almost 50 tech platforms for online learning and then tagged me saying, ‘inspirationalteachers bla bla bla you will like this’ 🙄

Me? Seriously? I thought, ‘you don’t even know the person you are dealing with’🙄

So please simplicity and structure are key when it comes to this tech  and online learning.

Please take care of your health. We now know that health is the most important thing in the world now. Do stay safe. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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