World Book Day 2020

How are you? I hope you are enjoying the year so far. It is hard to believe that we are already in the second month of 2020!

Honestly, it has been a gruelling time for us at the online teaching school. The new in-takes are all settling in well and we are so delighted to have them with us.

Registration for this session will close on 9th February and we have started planning for the new session starting on the 27th of April. We are already tweaking the course content to better meet the needs of the students.

These are two major shifts I have made this year,  to plan ahead and take deliberate actions.

Too many times, we want to take action, we plan to take actions but we never ever take deliberate steps. So the cycle of inaction goes on until the mind becomes set and fixed in one spot for a long time.

You can break that pattern! Think about it now, what have you put off doing or what have you been putting off?

Get up and do it. Take a deliberate step. Yes, you can thank me later!

How are you going to go get ahead in your career? What book are you going to read? What investment are you going to make to get solid training?

Take action now. Get rid of indecision because you are enough!

How are you celebrating World Book Day?

Clink this link to download a FREE guide to make the day memorable for your learners.
10 Great Ideas for World Book Day

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