Resumption Shenanigans

I have been so busy with resumption shenanigans and settling in. How the time flies! Summer now seems like a distant memory for some of us.

Have you settled in ok? What is your new class like? My class this year is hard work, I can’t tell a lie! They are not naughty, but just really demanding of my attention; all thirty of them. They struggle with not having my full attention all of the time. For example, if I am working with a group of children or talking to just one child, I would get about 10 of them surrounding me and talking at the same time! Aargghhh, it can be so frustrating.

In my heart, I know it will get better as long as the class routines are consistent. At the moment, it just looks like there is absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel.

Some days, I get home and I am so worn out that I can’t even relate with my family. Such days, I just question the job. Is it really worth it? Will this ever let up? Will they ever get better? How can I carry on?

Teaching does pull at your heart’s string, right? I am reminded of Rita Pierson; every child deserves a champion. Ok oh, let me just stop right there! I think I have answered my own question.

How has it been for you? Any highs, lows, joys or sorrows? Keep me posted.

Lots of love,



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*5th October 7-8pm (FREE on Inspirational Teachers WhatsApp Platforms1, 2, 3)*

Question & Answer with Mrs O.

*12th October 7-8pm (Inspirational Teacher Network)*


Practical approach to Blooms Taxonomy in teaching and learning.

*19th October 7-8pm (Inspirational Teacher Network)*


Practical approaches for increasing engagement in Maths.


  1. Thanks for sharing your resumption week experience with me.

    My experience has not been far from yours. It’s been up and down. Teaching a new section, new class and also new sets of children. They are loving and full of energy. Most times I also felt so drained but I know deep down I am loving it. The class is mixed with different categories of learners. I have high fliers, average and low fliers too. I took a picture of their first pencil grip and I will also take a another by the end of the term to make a comparison. I can’t wait for the children to start writing. It’s going to be joy overflow.

    I feel good reading from you. Thanks Yetunde


    • Well done Yetunde! You are a super teacher. I like the fact that you took a photo of their pencil grip. This will help you appreciate the learning journey even more. Keep up the good work, you are amazing!


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