Develop resilience

I hope you have started the week feeling positive. I am grateful for the new week and new possibilities. My brother is getting married this weekend and I am just delighted at the prospects of seeing members of my very large family! It should be fun. Just like last Saturday…

If you saw my social media posts, you will know that Saturday was a big day for us. It was the Lagos Creative Writing Workshop. It was packed and inspiring! Before the program started everything that could go wrong, went wrong! From the venue, electricity, the elevator, the chairs, the hall arrangement, my laptop and so on. This is even though I had worked so hard to cover all the basics and made things watertight.

Life is like that sometimes. When you think you have it all figured out, a curved ball is thrown your way. At first, I dug deep and rallied my team. I kept on a positive attitude, a huge smile and waved off negative comments. I was determined to be resilient so that the entire program would be a success. Just as things started to take shape, the chef disappointed. I almost lost it then! Some delegates got agitated and my team had not carried out a prior instruction I gave them which would have diffused the situation.

As I looked across the room and seeing the faces of the 100+ extraordinary people gathered, I realised that the buck stopped with me. I had to keep them going. They had gathered on my invitation. That is exactly what happened. We kept going and when the food eventually arrived, we incorporated it as part of the program.

There were lots of lessons learnt, lives impacted, and teachers inspired. Overall, we were thankful to have come together to strengthen our practice and develop professionally.

My message to you is this: THIS WEEK, DO NOT GIVE UP. No matter the challenge, there is always a way out. Pray, dig deep and create a solution from within.


Abuja Worskhops



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