It is not about you

Most teachers will agree that teaching is a highly pressurised job, especially if you are passionate about what you do. It takes a lot to be inspirational. You know that word; inspirational, gets me every time. This is because, inspiration means to ‘breath life into’. It means to take something lifeless and give it life. Just like God did with mud when He made humans. However for teachers, it is with children. With pens. And books. And crayons. And a little glint of sparkle in their eyes.

When was the last time you inspired a child? When it comes to being an inspirational teacher, it is not about you. It is about the children.

Think about your lessons; are the children held spellbound by your performance? Do you take their breath away when you speak? Do all the questions and answers come from you? Are you the one leading the lesson from start to finish? Are you the one coming out looking clever? Is it all about you?

Truth is: Inspirational teachers know that they have the power to change lives and they seek ways to use that power well.

You can make the children feel ten feet tall at the end of your lesson or leave them feeling much shorter than when the lesson started. The difference between the two is down to you.

The next time you enter your classroom, think about it. Is it all about you?

At the end of the lesson, the children should have been Inspired By You

Stay inspirational.



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