Dear Teachers- Happy Workers Day!

Happy workers day to my fellow Nigerian educators. Thank you for your continued and selfless commitment to raising the next generation. Well done for taking on the responsibility to educate students and develop their character. Not only that, you are also actively involved in shaping their reputation, honour, and integrity.

Where would the nation be without you? Your contribution to social and economic development is immense because you teach students to understand themselves, the world around and beyond them. This is what enables them to aspire high and seek to improve the quality of their lives. You, dear educator teach students to be leaders, entrepreneurs and let’s not forget the length that you go to, just to make lessons fun and creative. Your creative ways build in the students a life-long habit of learning because they are inspired by you.

Dear inspirational teacher, did you know that you are the nation’s greatest asset? Hmm. This is because research has now shown us that the quality of the education in a nation is only as good as the quality of its teachers. So you are special, you are important, never forget that! Whether our nation is investing in you is a totally different matter for another day!

But know this: You make a difference. Recently, I read a post on and was moved by the amazing examples of teachers making a difference all around the world. There was a particular one of a teacher in Mumbai who helps girls trapped in Mumbai’s sex industry to change the direction of their lives. Another example was of a teacher in Palestine, who has devised innovative new ways to help children cope with the violence that’s part of their everyday lives.

Anyone today, who can read this blog post, can add up their shopping, can tell the time, can use data to predict a growth trend, can make a phone call, can talk to crowds of people, can fly to and live in space, can run a country… knows who to thank; a teacher.

Well done for all you do. Keep making progress and keep investing in your development because you matter. Happy Workers Day.


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