A letter to my Year 6 daughter

My dear girl,

Wow! This is it! Your last term in primary school. How quickly time flies. I still remember vividly your first day in nursery. I think I was more nervous than you were. When you walked into your class, you looked around bright-eyed at the inviting classroom. You chuckled in delight and I knew you would be fine. And you were fine; you sailed through it like a natural and here you are; all set and ready for secondary school.

As a family, we are delighted that you got to go through Year 6! You told me how good it feels to be at the top of the school and you have relished the responsibility of roles you took on as a Year 6 pupil. Dad and I notice glint in your eyes when you go on and on about your roles as house captain, writing lead and Year 6 as a whole. Wow! It would have been a shame if you did not get to experience these.

Well done for working so hard. As a teacher-mum, you have shown to me that it takes a lot of hard work to be clever. This is because you put in a lot of effort in learning anything new, so I am not surprised that your classmates think that you know everything! You and I know that they don’t realise how hard your work. For example, do you remember how you practised your times tables every night for twenty minutes before bedtime? You did that from the beginning of Year 3 till the end of Year 4! Two solid years. You kept challenging yourself until you mastered all your tables. Seriously, dad and I are incredibly proud of every achievement of yours and you inspire us with your work ethic!

So for these last 12 weeks, what are you going to do? It is a remarkable term for you because in a few weeks, you will be writing your national tests. Some days, I can tell you are nervous, other days you seem fine and can’t wait for the exams to come and go. And they will. I know your grades mean a lot to you, because they show how hard you have worked. Yes, you deserve them. Remember though, those grades don’t say anything about the bright, sparky girl that you are. There are many sides to your beautiful personality that the grades cannot judge and those are the things I want you to focus on in this last term.

For example, look out for the need around you and reach out to meet that need. The need around you may be a younger child who is having a hard time on the playground, one of your mates who is worried about the upcoming tests, a group of children having friendship issues or someone who just fell over on the playground. When you start looking out, you will notice that there are lots of opportunities for you to show kindness to others.

Then I want you to be brave to ask bold questions about your learning. During a lesson, think deeply about the ‘big issues’ that are behind what you are learning. Those issues are the questions I want you to ask. You will be amazed at the answers you get. Every day in school, choose to learn something new! If for some weird reason, you don’t learn anything new, when you get home, go online and learn one new fact that links with what you were taught in school.

Finally, enjoy this term. Laugh and play with your friends. You will fall out with your mates and it would feel like the world is about to end. Take a step back and think through the moment, you will find that the high drama was not really worth it.

In this last term of your primary school journey, there will be many lasts; your last lesson, your last school dinner, your last assembly, your last lunch break and so on. Make every ‘last’ count! Freeze the moments in your mind so that you can cherish them for a long time.

We are all looking forward to you starting secondary school and I am already crafting my letter to you!

I love you baby girl.


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