Staying Enthused

Did you know that in many countries, the third term is usually the shortest term of the school year? It does not feel that way though and with good reason. Think about it, you have already had about 130 days of school and as a teacher, when you think you have just about had enough, you realise in third term, there is another sixty something days to go! You may find that you need to put in a little more effort to stay motivated and keep giving your best as you have done in the first two terms.

Here are some ideas to get you in the right frame of mind and keep you motivated till the end.

The first thing is, count up! Not count down! Count up to the last day of term. Be positive about the term. Look at your calendar and you will be delighted to know that you can count up to the mid-term break. Then count up from the mid-term break to end of term. In counting, map out the weeks. Remember that in the third term, there are always a lot of activities; school excursions, graduation, presentations, end of year parties and everything else in between. Also map in your assessment weeks and in some cases, some schools have revision weeks. By the time you are done mapping, you will be amazed what little time you have left and the bonus is that you would have organised your time better. There are some great free apps that you may install on your devices to help you stay organised.

Try: Google calendar or Google keep

Next, sort out your planning. I am sure you have heard the adage; she who fails to plan, plans to fail. At the beginning of the school year, you should have a long term overview to show the learning journey from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Then create a medium term plan. This is your working document which shows what you are planning to teach over a term or half term. It usually includes your learning objectives and activity ideas.

Planning done? What about your resources? Think about what you are going to need for your class. To be effective, you need to ensure that your resources are ready, otherwise your lessons could easily result in chaos. So get resources organised. I know teachers who organise resources two weeks ahead and some others do theirs just a day before. You need to do what works best for you. However you cannot prepare resources whilst a lesson is going on. Inspirational teachers do not do that.

Prepare for your learners. Preparing for your learners can mean a lot of things. The most obvious being the learning environment. Do you have a wow factor? Or are they going to meet the same old room? Add in a surprise element to get them hooked or engaged in their learning.

Plan for the first day back. I love first days. The learners always look different. Perhaps it is just me! Plan to pay compliments to their new haircut, hair style, new shoes etc. Find out what they did during the holiday, ask them the most exciting part of the holiday or the most boring part. If they travelled out of town, ask them about the journey. Did they see anything memorable? Try to ask unusual questions so that you can engage and reconnect with them.

Some teachers like to hit the ground running on day one. Some others like to ease the learners into learning. Whatever you plan to do in terms of activities, inspirational teachers know that every moment is a learning moment, so use the moments wisely.

Finally, talk to the learners about your holiday, tell the most exciting thing you did and tell them you read this blog post!

Have a great third term!

Do let me know how you got on.




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