A powdery lesson

A few days before my wedding in 2000, I bought a bottle of powder which I really liked. Thinking back now, what attracted me to the powder was the lovely, subtle smell. Then, most of my family were using this particular brand, so we all liked it. Right after the wedding ceremonies, I moved abroad with my powder in tow.

I have had that bottle since then! Did I continue using it? No, there were years when I did not even see the bottle because it was now stashed away amongst things that were not used frequently. Once in a while, I would see it and of course it always brought back memories of family.

Recently, I travelled back home and saw a friend with a smaller version of this same powder! That was when I realized that my bottle of powder was now almost 19 years old. I still had it, rarely used it and by now it had lost that original scent that attracted me to it in the first place. As I looked at my own bottle and contemplated, I was taught a powdery lesson.

Knowledge is like my bottle of powder. When you learn something new, it is fresh, exciting and  you want to use your new knowledge all the time. After a while, it becomes stale and there is new knowledge based on new research. But many people stick with the old and never update!

Tell me, how will you adapt if you never update?

The first quarter of the year is gone. Have you updated? Are you adapting?

Learn from my powdery lesson, in this next quarter decide to upgrade your knowledge. Choose to learn a new concept you have never explored before or improve on something that you already know.

Check out www.inspirationalteachersschool.org for exciting online courses to upgrade and adapt. New session starts on 4th June 2019.

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