Do you know your class?

I cannot believe that the term has started in earnest and some of us are already in week 3 or 4 depending on where you live! Phew, where did the time go?
So what is your new class like? One particular year, my class was so well behaved, I felt tremendously blessed to be their teacher.
Usually with a new class, from the first day of resumption, you should set about getting to know your pupils. Don’t try to teach straightaway. Find out what kind of learners you have before you start teaching them. Over the years, I have done this unconsciously with different groups of learners. When doing this, I found that I always had 4 groups of learners.
Group 1 were really clever. They were voracious learners and enjoyed doing challenges. When I realised this, I pulled out my treasure box of maths investigation. One particular investigation took them 3 days to complete!
Group 2 were hard workers! Worker bees! That was what I called them. This group tried so hard.  So I kept challenging them to aspire high.
Group 3 were just a step below group 2. They were a mix. Some of them worked hard, but others had learnt bad learning habits over the years. I decided to spend a little longer time with this group to inspire them to create good learning habits. I had my work cut out with them!
Group 4 were great kids. They found learning a challenge for a variety of reasons. I found myself thinking about this group every evening! I was constantly thinking of ways to make the lessons accessible and meaningful to them.

What is your class like? Tell me.

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