What are you doing this summer?

After the hustle and bustle of a hectic academic year, graduations and prize giving days, inter-house sports and Summer schools, what can a teacher do to recharge?

As an experienced teacher, I always feel a sense of tired accomplishment when saying goodbye to a class and packing up at the end of the academic year. I know I have done my best but I do feel drained and start wondering what I will like to do differently with my next class.

One practical way to refresh is to read! Go to your bookshelf and get a book to read or buy a new book to read. This is one thing that tends to slide with the busyness of term time.

Another thing to do is take a technology break! The amount of time we plugged to our laptops, desktops, interactive boards etc puts on us a strain that we do not even realise. Take a break from work emails. Just switch off for periods during the day.

If you can, go on a real vacation. Visit family, meet up with old friends, go to a party, attend a wedding etc. Enjoy it!

During the summer, learn something new! Are you going to teach English and Maths exactly the same way? Are you going to try out a new exciting Science theme? What are you going to do differently so that you keep things fresh for you and your new pupils? Summer break is a time to spend time to re-engage with your work. Take the opportunity and step back to evaluate and recalibrate.

What are you doing this summer? Drop a comment!

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