Seize the moments

It is the World Cup and whilst watching my country getting thrashed, I wondered how best to make the most of the moment for my pupils. What if I got them to write a diary entry from the point of one of the players who has just lost a match? What if they wrote a match report? What if they were to create their own ‘fantasy’ team? Which players would make the cut?

Major world events are an exciting way to get children involved in the ‘history in the making’. Apart from watching the matches and speculating who may or may not win, there are lots of activities that they can do to engage with the event.

These sorts of events are a great way to get children engaged. Don’t let events slide by without seizing the moment. You may never get the opportunity again, so capitalise on it! Apart from the engagement, it helps pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Of course, in writing this, I found some fascinating facts about the World Cup; it cost over $16 billion dollars to host the 2014 World Cup! That is a lot of money. I wonder how much it cost to host this world cup? I am going to get my pupils to find out and write the amount in words, then work in pairs to come up with ideas of how the money was spent.

Other lovely ideas for engaging with the World Cup are

·        Create a fantasy football stadium; what would it look like, what will it be equipped with?

·        Create a football team for fantasy country (like Wakanda from Black Panther).

·        Create a great football kit. Can you make different combinations? How many combinations are possible?

·        Russia is the country lucky enough to play host this time round! Find out as much as you can about Russia and present this to the class.

·        How about holding a football themed bake off?  Decorate cakes and sweets as footballs or country-themed cakes to support your favourite World Cup team.

·        How many unusual facts can you find about Word Cup?

·        Create a score sheet which explains how the World Cup works from the group stage through to the knock out stage.

·        Design a mascot for the world cup.

·        Put all the World Cup teams into alphabetical order. How quickly can you do it?

·        Can you make predictions – what teams will be in the Semi – Finals, the Final and ultimately, who will be the World Cup Winner of 2018?

The possibilities are endless.

What will you be doing with your class?


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