How can pupils succeed in school?

IMG_5274What are the most important factors responsible for children success in school?

I have seen that a lot of schools up and down the country spend a lot of money on resource, new curriculum, a host of external teachers (french, music, ballet, diction, handwriting, karate, you name it!), all in a desperate bid to improve the quality of education in our schools.
In the true sense, most of these end up with the same questions, how do we improve our quality of teaching, learning and our exam results? How do we make our children more motivated and competitive? How do we get our children to stand out amongst so many schools?

It is good to have new methodologies, new curricula, the latest textbooks, new technology etc. We can hold debate after debates about methods of teaching, differentiated teaching, learning styles and so on. But we will not get closer to establishing the most important factor that make children succeed. THE TEACHER.

The teacher whose abilities and skillset, knowledge and enthusiasm enables them to enthuse and connect with children regardless of their own levels of education. I mean those teachers who can properly engage with children and teach them by inspiring and challenging them.

Teaching, after all, is about engagement, about getting children to listen and switch on. The best investment any government can make is to get the *most effective, the most talented, the best teachers they can in front of the children.*

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