Mentoring Matters


My journey as a teacher begun on a slate of trials and errors.Initially,I would asked questions from colleagues, but their answers were hardly ever satisfactory. Gradually,I was cultured into learning from my own experience and shovelling the reoccurring lapses within my heart. 

After a major setback,I felt persuaded that it was time for me to breeze out from classroom teaching, at least for a while. But as fate would have it, my steps were redirected by constructive guidance from a older colleague who had become an acquaintance. Coincidentally, the schools were on recess, so I had an ample opportunity to learn and relearn under her tutelage. Her impact in resuscitating my dwindled zeal for classroom teaching was completely magical.

It seemed as though she had the most appropriate answers to my countless questions coupled with an incredible listening ear to entertain them. I knew I had found a backbone and cheekily wondered where she had been all my life!

At resumption, I could tell that I had encountered a rebirth, my teaching skills were more active and less conventional. My mentor had generously bombarded me with teaching ideas that made most part of my teaching sessions hands on and less theoretical. Furthermore, I had adopted a sense of accountability to her and succumbed to drilling moments in order to attain her excellent standards. This of course contributed in unveiling a better me.

There isn’t any denial that I still get to experience lapses from time to time but I’m usually at ease to share my weaknesses with my mentor. In return, her instructions are always profound and result producing.

Mentorship has indeed made me take gigantic steps, confront my fears and aspire to greater horizons.

*This was sent to me by a colleague and I thought to share it. I think it highlights the importance of having a support structure. Do you have a mentor? Who is your professional mentor?*


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