A Significant Visit

Earlier in the week, the world watched with palpable interest as one of the world’s richest men visited Lagos. It was more interesting because he visited unannounced, though with tight security, there were no armed guards and long, tinted motorcades! A friend of mine hit it home with this comment on Facebook; “Mark Zucks, ignoring the high and mighty, and strolling with the young and brilliant tells you that the world knows where the future lies! -@MrSleevesUp” 

So I was thinking…the young and brilliant. The children we teach. They are growing in a different world from the one we grew up in. Furthermore, we are preparing them for a future that does not even exist yet! Mark’s success and the young people he interacted with, goes to show us that technology is the language of the hour. It is also the language of the 21st century and the language of the future. The children we teach must be digitally literate to compete in the future workplace. Are you, the teacher, digitally literate enough? With the advancement of technology in today’s world, it is very important to keep up pace with it. For example, what do you know about coding? Do you realise that coding is a problem solving skill? Coding is about computational thinking that teaches pupils how to tackle complex problems in efficient ways!  

I do know that there has been debate on the negatives of the use of technology in education, however, the positives outweigh the negatives. Technology is simply a tool to aid teaching and learning, and along with its numerous devices, it is here to stay. The devices will get even better as more and more people explore and expand their ideas. What is vital then for today’s 21st century teacher, is to combine technology and education with a right reason and vision.

Some of the ways to do this are by encouraging pupils to

·         Develop research skills through use of search engines

·         Collaborate and share information via online platforms

·         Create online and dynamic content

·         Develop presentation skills

Find ways to make technology meaningful to your pupils. Use it as a means of developing 21st century learning skills in them, you never know, you may just be teaching the next Mark Zuckberg!

 mark-zuckerberg-in-nigeriaWatch out for the continuation of this post, where I will share lots of tools that you can use creating a ‘technology’ compliant classroom.

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